About D. Shay Gable

I’ve worn many hats over the years, including pumpkin picker, dog walker, artist, box toe cementer, and college instructor. Right now, my time is divided between two passions–clinical psychology and writing. It amazes me how often one informs the other.
Wait. No! I NEVER use my clients as characters in my creative writing. But, from my clients, I’ve learned how people get to where they are from where they’ve been. And I’ve learned what has to happen before a person can change and grow.
By getting inside the heads of my characters, by becoming my characters, I’ve enhanced my understanding of what drives our behaviors and cripples our inner resources. I “get” what my clients are saying.
So, here’s to my two passions walking hand-in-hand down lovers’ lane for many years to come.
For a smattering of bio information: I was a feature writer for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal in Lancaster, PA. I have been in private practice as a clinical psychologist for 12 years. My first novel, THE HOUSE THAT TILTS, is completed, and I’m working on a second while seeking to get my first published.

Sooo—what will I write about here? The things I’ve learned about personality development and response to trauma and the way self-doubt or early abuse or personal privilege affects a person’s behaviors. Why your sister-in-law acts that way and why your boss is illogical. How much change is reasonable in a character, and how might it happen?

Along the way, I am likely to ruminate in a curmudgeonly manner on whatever irritant strikes me or celebrate with a hyperbolic number of exclamation points over any good news that comes my way. Such as, there will be a spring this year. Eventually. Yay!!!!!!!