About My Work

dscn0531-3I have been writing and creating visual art for as far back as I can remember, beginning with my first wall mural at the age of two. I received little praise for that intensive labor, but I was not deterred.

Since that inauspicious start, I graduated to creating covers for a local news bulletin while in my teens, and having articles and poetry published in small newspapers and local publications.

Since then I’ve worked as a professional watercolorist and as a feature writer for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal in Lancaster, PA.  It was a privilege to hold that position because it allowed me to meet and interview so many fascinating people. And seeing  my name (I wrote under the name Dawn Lightcap Gable) as the by-line was icing on the cake.

However, my life-long dream of obtaining a Ph.D. in psychology kept nipping at my psyche, so I put aside my art and writing to pursue that degree. What I learned s that completing a dissertation is a tedious journey through hell. However, I finally achieved a doctorate in clinical psychology, and have a private practice, where I continue to meet fabulous and fascinating people. And, as my own boss, I make sure to schedule in days for writing several times a week.

My work tends to focus on the psychological issues underlying personalities and behaviors. My protagonists are often, but not always, women faced with making hard choices. I have just completed If Boo Radley Had a Sister, a story of two sisters, one diagnosed with schizophrenia, and the other addicted to drugs. The novel depicts their struggle to heal their symptoms as well as their tattered relationship.  Close to completion are a Young Adult mystery, Halloween is Murder, and The Shaming of Lettie Blackburn, the story of a woman’s escape from abuse and humiliation. Within the year, (I hope) is The Girl Who Rode the Griffin Tornado, a collection of stories centered on the impact of the 1925 tornado that tore across three states–Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Thanks for reading. Please check out my other blog at remarkableclients.com.


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